West Coast Path: Agger - Bulbjerg, Thy National Park

Bicycle and hiking trail along the West Coast. You follow the old rescue route in several places on the trail.

Biking and Hiking Route:
West Coast Trail Agger - Bulbjerg is a walking and cycling trail of about 80 km.

The cycle route continues southwards to the Danish-German border and northwards to the Skaw (Skagen)

The walking trail follows long stretches of the old life-boat track, while the cycle route follows small public roads or woodland paths. Each section can be taken independently or together as a longer trail.

The walking trail is marked by red wooden posts with the life-boat emblem. The cycle route is marked by blue-white metal road signs with the number 1.

Accomadation en route:
Camping sites, the old life-boat house in Lyngby, or primitive camp sites and shelter spots, (the latter often without water or toilets). 

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