Mikkeller Bar in Copenhagen

Craft Beer in Copenhagen

When you think of Danish beer, what do you think of? Carlsberg? Tuborg? These classic pilsner brands are no doubt part of the Danish cultural fabric, but in the last decade the Danish craft beer scene has grown faster than a strain of wild yeast in a hoppy IPA. Nowhere in Denmark is that more true than in Copenhagen.

Just look at Mikkeller for proof: What started as a home-brewing project in Mikkel Borg Bjergsø’s kitchen is today a veritable craft beer empire with a dozen bars and restaurants in Copenhagen and around the world. And Mikkeller’s not the only Danish brewery garnering international praise, To Øl, Dry & Bitter, Beer Here, and Gamma have all earned acclaim in recent years.

But where to try all these delicious beers? Thankfully, Copenhagen has more than a few options for every taste. From brewery outposts like Mikkeller and Friends, BRUS, and Dial’legd, to the classic American-style craft beer bars like Fermentoren and Lord Nelson, to stylish bars like Mikropolis, there are more great place to try craft beer in Copenhagen than ever. 

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