Zelt unter dem Sternenhimmel in Fyns Hoved, Dänemark
Couple sitting on a bench at Blokhus beach in North Jutland, Denmark

Forget your bucket list

Photo:© Daniel Villadsen&Christian Faber

Visit The Land of Everyday Wonder instead

Don't take our word for it; listen to the pros – the Mona Lisa, the Girl with a Pearl Earring or the Statue of Liberty – they know a thing or two about tourism. 

Take Mona Lisa – the most visited painting in the world. We've all wondered what thoughts linger behind that ambiguous smile, and now thanks to AI, we finally know. Get ready to hear all their musings below; when they speak up, we listen.

Mona Lisa er frontfigur i PR-kampagne for Danmark
Photo: Brandhouse/Subsero

If you need more encouragement to visit Denmark, listen up as Van Gogh, American Goth, and the Statue of Liberty share their secrets with us.

Tourist attractions come alive with AI

Van Gogh

Photo: Brandhouse/Subsero
Tourist attractions come alive with AI

Statue of Liberty

Photo: Brandhouse/Subsero
Tourist attractions come alive with AI

American Gothic

Photo: Brandhouse/Subsero

Explore off the beaten track

Ready to visit the lesser-known parts of Denmark? Check out some of our favourite spots below. 

Horses at Blokhus beach

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Photo: Mette Johnsen

Keep exploring

Step away from the mainstream and dive into Denmark.

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