Red Bull trials biker Kriss Kyle at Bølgen in Copenhagen

What happens when a BMX superstar gets to play in Denmark?

Just another bike ride in Denmark 🎢

BMX sensation, Kriss Kyle, caused quite a splash (get it?!) when he came to play all over some of our biggest sights this summer. Luckily for those of you who didn't get to watch him in action, a film crew followed him around and caught the highs (and the odd near miss) of his adventures in Denmark!

Watch the Land of Everyday Wonder

Photo: Red Bull

Behind the scenes

Kriss made it all look easy. You might even think he had fun exploring Denmark's everyday wonders. But in reality, two weeks of hard graft and... no actually, it was just a lot of fun. But did he land those tailwhips first time? And what motivates Kriss Kyle to share his passion for exploring the world from a different angle?

Who the daredevil is Kriss Kyle?

Photo: Esben Zøllner Olesen/Red Bull Media House

How did Kriss get the name The Scottish Wildcat? And what's happened to his scaredy bone? Find out how 27-year-old Red Bull BMX star Kriss Kyle got to where he is today, landing insane tricks and wowing the world.

Watch the outtakes!

Photo: Red Bull Media House

What is it about people falling off their bikes that is such great entertainment? Kriss was kind enough to not land gracefully on some of his tricks, so we could all enjoy some outtakes. (And don't worry, he's fine!)

Want to try this for yourself?

Don't! Are you completely mad? No really, of course you can. All the locations Kriss tricked at were real places to visit in Denmark. And many of them are completely free to explore! Read on for how to follow in Kriss' tyre tracks.

Paraglide onto Løkken Beach!

Photo: Red Bull Media House

The Classic Wonders

Here's Kriss riding all over a big Nyhavn and a little Nyhavn. Our wonders really do come in all sizes! Both of these classic locations (the original LEGOLAND® and Copenhagen's colourful harbour) are among the most popular in Denmark.

Nyhavn Harbour

Everyone loves Nyhavn! And visitors to Copenhagen's colourful harbour were treated to Kriss jumping off it this summer. (Note: A canal tour is an easier way to see it from the water.)

LEGOLAND® Billund Resort

Kriss was immortalised with his own LEGO® figure, complete with bike, when he rode all over the world's first (and let's face it, the best) LEGOLAND®!

The Very Big Wonders

These were the dramatic Danish locations that made Kriss reconsider his desire to jump off them on a bike... then pull off his wizardry anyway. But honestly, they are not as daunting when you're only walking up to enjoy the view!

Denmark's disappearing lighthouse

This next bit is mad but true: to stop Rubjerg Knude falling into the sea, a local bricklayer has just moved the whole thing... on rollerskates.

The Forest Tower

Kriss made it look like an extreme location, but the Forest Tower is actually one long, gentle ramp up above the canopy that anyone can enjoy.

The white cliffs on Møn

Yes, we have big white cliffs! And there are many different ways to see them; from on the water, by bike or on a horse. Kriss, not surprisingly, didn't go for the horse option.

The Everyday Wonders

Kriss got to explore some hidden gems too on his Danish adventure. These next locations are not so well known outside of Denmark, but to Danes they are a pretty special part of everyday life!

Godsbanen, Aarhus

This cultural hotspot of workshops, performances and a panoramic rooftop is a favourite hangout of locals in Aarhus, a city destination that's so hot right now!

World's oldest fairground!

Kriss got to ride a rollercoaster (sort of) in a place beloved by Danes; the Bakken fairground hidden in a deer park north of Copenhagen.

The Architectural Wonders

It's not that we're jealous of Kriss, but... well maybe just a bit! He got to leave his mark on three beautiful structures this summer, each one an iconic wonder, and experience them from a totally unique angle.

Maritime Museum of Denmark

The lines and ramps of the stunning Maritime Museum of Denmark, designed like a boat submerged beneath the land, were the perfect playground for Kriss.

The Blue Planet

The sky and sea melded seamlessly into dazzling Danish architecture this summer, when Kriss tricked on the roof of Denmark's National Aquarium.

The Wave (Bølgen)

This architectural beauty is normally a bathing platform in Copenhagen's clean harbour. Kriss definitely found a new use for it, with his dramatic jump into the sea.

How Kriss got around Denmark

It might look like Kriss effortlessly tricked his way from wonder to wonder, but he needed a little extra help to get around our island nation! 

Nordic Seaplanes

Photo: Esben Zøllner Olesen/Red Bull Media House

You can treat yourself to a quick hop between Copenhagen and Aarhus with a Nordic Seaplane ride, departing from harbours in both cities.

Island ferry IDA

Photo: Esben Zøllner Olesen/Red Bull Media House

Be honest. You too have imagined trying to get on a ferry when it's already departed. Kriss did it this summer, on the famous island-hopping ferry IDA!