Show us your Danish Family Heirlooms!

Family heirloom are often handed down from generation to generation. Sometimes a piece of jewelry, a Christmas ornaments, or maybe an ancient blue fluted coffee cup from Royal Copenhagen? These Family Heirlooms all tell a story. Please share your family story by uploading a picture of your Danish Family Heirlooms to Instagram and tag it #DanishHeirlooms

Royal Copenhagen – The royal Porcelain factory

Royal Copenhagen is known world wide for their blue and white porcelain – and for being Danish. The company was founded in 1775 and is still producing some of the original designs by hand today. The designs are still very popular in Denmark today – even younger people collect the beautiful plates, cups and dishes from Royal Copenhagen to use for special occasions. Your ancestors may have brought some of the original design with them when they immigrated to the US or maybe you have received some of the flue fluted pieces as a gift from Danish relatives? If that is the case - show us! We would love to see your Danish Family Heirlooms!

Danish Donut Pan

Has one of these funny-looking pans with round holes been handed down from generation to generation in your family? If so, you have enherited a Danish Donut Pan! You should try to cook some Danish Donuts – also known as "æbleskiver"! Danes love to eat them with powdered sugar, jam or sugar at Christmas. If you don’t have a Danish donut pan you may purchase one in larger gourmet kitchen stores in the US.

Danish Donut Pan used to make Æbleskiver

Christmas Ornaments

As many other nationalities – Danes love Christmas which of course includes a beautifully decorated Christmas tree! Danes enjoy making their own Christmas decorations in colored paper and cardboard in the shape of hearts and stars, but classic ornaments are also very popular. If you have Danish relatives, you may have inherited some Christmas ornaments or some other Danish Christmas decorations. 

Danish Christmas ornaments

Show us your Danish family heirlooms - #danishheirlooms

Maybe you have inherited some of the items listed above – or maybe something else? An ancient family photo, a piece of jewelry or perhaps your great grandfather´s pipe?
Share a photo of your family heirloom with us and other Americans with Danish ancestors by uploading it to Instagram and hashtagging it #danishheirlooms and it will show in the box above. If you don’t have a smartphone with Instagram, friends, children or grandchildren might help you uploading the photo from their phone. Please share. 

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