Copenhagen Central Station

How to get to Denmark by rail

Danish public transport is modern, efficient and covers almost the whole country. All the major cities are connected by a rail network, and the greater Copenhagen area is serviced by both trains and a metro system. If you're unsure how to get to Denmark, perhaps train is your preferred option?



There are a number of busy rail stations in Copenhagen, the two main ones being Copenhagen Central Station and Nørreport. From Copenhagen Central Station trains arrive and depart to and from all over Denmark and Europe. Nørreport has some international departures and arrivals, mainly to and from Sweden, but the station is chiefly busy because of the domestic traffic in and out of the capital. The characteristic red “S-trains”, operated by Danish Railways (DSB), service the greater Copenhagen area and beyond. In addition to their metropolitan service, DSB also offer routes to the rest of Denmark.


The rest of Denmark

The other major cities in Denmark are also well-connected to the rest of Europe. Contact you rail operator to find out where you can go.

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How to get to Denmark

How to get to Denmark

Whether you travel by bicycle, car, coach, train or plane, getting to Denmark from where you are should be easy!