Lynæs Harbour

On Lynæs harbour you find the restaurant Skipperstuen and there are both a delicious fish house with the option to eat on the spot, a nice ice house with burgers, sausages etc.., As well as new bridges. The merchant at the harbor is a nice store that has everything your heart desires. They have both bread and groceries, and behind the shop you find the surf shop.

At the harbor you can barbeque while  your children can play in the bouncy castle or catch crabs.

There is a lovely beach and more activities - with music during the summer.

In Lynæs Harbour sailors are welcome, there is always room to find, for large and small baoats, and it also has a perfect location as a base for a wonderful summer cruises in Isefjord and Roskilde Fjord.

Lynæs arose after the Kikhavn fire in 1793 and is the next-oldest fishing hamlet on Halsnæs.

As its name explains, it lies in the shelter of the high hills which form the headland.

During the 19th century fishing from the idyllic harbour reached its peak, the ferry crossed over to Rørvig and there was a steamer to Frederikssund and Nykøbing late into the 20th century.

Now most of the fishing cutters are based in Hundested, which has also become the ferry to Rørvig.


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Lynæs Havnevej 15B
3390 Hundested


+45 47939119


+45 47937191


  • Facilities

    • Playground
    • Barbecue
    • Shopping
    • Slipway



Longitude : 11.865350168722
Latitude : 55.942874750547