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1.000 meter trail - Farsø

The 1000 meter trail is a scenic path that stretches through Farsø Fælled - a perfect route for running, cycling, and walking for the whole family.

Welcome to the 1,000-meter trail in Farsø Fælled!

You may have already guessed it, but the trail is exactly 1 kilometer long and is part of Farsø Fælled, where it winds its way through charming surroundings with gentle curves.

Farsø Fælled and the 1,000-meter trail are highly popular attractions for jogging, cycling, hiking, and rollerblading, especially thanks to the newly paved asphalt that enhances the experience. Furthermore, the entire trail is illuminated when darkness falls.

During your journey through Farsø Fælled, you'll also find other activities related to the 1,000-meter trail, including a large asphalt hill that is extremely popular for conditioning runs, fitness, and races.

If you're the type who prefers to try to beat your own time record on a 1-kilometer distance, there is also a large timing clock available for free use, which is clearly visible almost all the way around.

So, with a trip to Farsø Fælled, it's guaranteed that the whole family can have an active and enjoyable time together!


Opening Hours: Always open

Admission: Free