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2 Hour Guided Food Walk in Aarhus

The 2 Hour Guided Food Walk is a fun and cozy highlight tour where you will taste amazing food visiting unique gems that are all part of the current food scene in Aarhus.

2 Hour Guided Food Walk in Aarhus

Your local foodie host will lead you through four or five stops, where you can sample some exquisite delicious food. At the guided Food Walk will be introduced to places you would not find on your own. 

Explore Aarhus through its food

The guided Food Walk will begin in the charming Latin Quarter and then move closer to some of the other interesting neighborhoods in Aarhus. The food tasted along the route will amount to the same as a light meal. So don't go for lunch before this tour. 

Practical info

You can read a lot more about the tour right here!

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