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For both cyclists and tourists, Aalestrup offers a wealth of experiences in the town's charming attractions and the surrounding nature.

The History of Aalestrup

The town of Aalestrup goes by several names; 'the bicycle town' and 'the town of roses'.

Aalestrup is located in southwestern Himmerland, 28 km north of Viborg and 12 km south of Aars. Upon arriving in the town, you are welcomed by Aalestrup's landmark, a giant bicycle sculpture, specifically a penny-farthing, which is five and a half meters tall. As a sign of the other name - the Town of Roses - the observant visitor will notice a bouquet of roses in the bicycle basket and roses planted around the roundabout.

In the town, you will find Denmark's Bicycle Museum, the only museum in the Nordic region that details the technical development of bicycles over time. The museum is housed in a building constructed in 1921 as the director's residence for the "Jyden" bicycle factory. The large villa housing the museum is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Aalestrup. The bicycle museum holds many treasures, including the bicycles of King Frederik and Queen Ingrid from the Hunting Lodge in Trend. Additionally, you can see "Mrs. Møhge's" wheelchair from the Danish TV series "Matador."

Aalestrup offers a cozy shopping street with beautiful squares and a town park, providing an opportunity for a little break. Aalestrup's church is one of the newest churches in the municipality, built in 1907. However, due to a poor foundation in the original church, cracks began to appear in the walls. In the summer of 1988, the church suffered significant interior damage from a fire. The church was re-consecrated on Maundy Thursday in 1989.

Aalestrup is home to the Jutland Rose Park, which tells the story of the charming recreational area in the railway town that grew to become Denmark's national rose park. Over the years, the Jutland Rose Park remains the town's pride, and along with Denmark's Bicycle Museum, it is a focal point for many tourists visiting the beautiful Himmerland. The Jutland Rose Park is located in a picturesque setting by the Simested River Valley, providing a stunning backdrop for the many captivating roses. In connection with the park's 40th anniversary in 2007, the Jutland Rose Park, through its rose supplier Gadstrup Nursery, developed its own unique rose called the "Aalestrup Rose." The rose is greatly admired for its beautiful appearance and lovely colors.

Simested River is one of Denmark's best rivers for sea trout, known for its famous strain of particularly large, self-reproducing sea trout. The river is approximately 50 km long and 3-8 m wide with moderate to good flow. It is a clean river with many meanders and deep holes. The river is situated in beautiful surroundings with meadows and uncultivated areas.

Just under 10 km from Aalestrup lies Den Gamle Foderstof, a café, ice cream dairy, and cheese shop located in Gedsted. Den Gamle Foderstof is a unique, quirky, and old building steeped in history, which is still told through its decor and service. The building was originally used for the distribution of grain and feedstuffs, hence the name Den Gamle Foderstof.

Selected Attractions:

  • Denmark's Bicycle Museum (Borgergade 10)
  • The Jutland Rose Park (Nygade 18 C)
  • Simested River
  • Aalestrup Sports Center and Outdoor Swimming Pool (Skolevænget 17B)