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Aarhus SeaRangers

Aarhus SeaRangers is a cultural institution in Aarhus, building a "bridge" across the Aarhus city, the harbour and the bay. Its mission is to make the sea accessible to all.

According to Aarhus SeaRangers far too few Danes have the opportunity to enjoy the great experiences which the sea has to offer.

Guided sea tours

The purpose of the tours out on the sea is not exactly high-speed sailing. The cockpit is manned by an expert and fully certificated skipper, and there is also a guide on board. On the sailing trip the boat makes halts where there is something of interest to see, whilst the guide relays a treasure-trove of fascinating information and intriguing stories for the passengers. Thus, these tours focus on content, learning and knowledge – which doesn't mean that it isn't also perfectly fine to have fun while taking all this in.

It shouldn't be the case that people only have access to the sea by looking at it in an aquarium on dry land. Instead, their passengers are transported out on to the sea where the real adventures unfold.

Tours for all – the only limits are set by your imagination

Aarhus SeaRangers is an open-air theatre afloat, and their first and foremost skill is to provide authentic, maritime experiences for all. No matter whether you are an individual adult, child or business group, the general rule is that anything is possible when SeaRangers – with the Bay of Aarhus as their subject matter - happily organise everything from guided tours and team-building to major events for your company.
With SeaRangers anything is possible – the only limits are set by your imagination, all within a safe framework.

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