Dark Sky in Denmark

Accessible Travel in Denmark

Photo: Lars Roed

Denmark offers a great deal of fun and interesting attractions that can be accessed by visitors with disabilities. 

From aquariums and beaches to restaurants and hotels, we hope you’ll find plenty of wonder-filled sites to enjoy Denmark to the full.

Should you be travelling solely to Copenhagen, please check VisitCopenhagen’s helpful guide here with information on the city.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, Copenhagen

Photo:Daniel Rasmussen - Copenhagen Media Center


Visitors with disabilities are encouraged to speak to the Assistance Centre at any of the airports in Denmark – they will be happy to provide extra care or information you may need. Please see the links below.

Copenhagen Airport

Billund Airport

Aarhus Airport

Aalborg Airport  

All Danish airports are supporters of the sunflower lanyard for people with hidden disabilities. They allow airport employees to easily identify someone who might need extra care or attention. These can be picked up at the information desk and most check-in counters.

Photo:Glyptoteket - Copenhagen Media Center

Bus, train and metro

Buses across Denmark should have a wheelchair ramp that can be found by the middle doors of the bus

DSB (Danish State Railways) has a list of stations and their accessibility options. Most train stations have lift access, but it’s always a good idea to double-check, especially if you’re planning trips outside of the big cities. Please read the information on accessibility and tickets here.

The metro in Copenhagen is fully accessible to wheelchair users, with stations having lift access and easy access to the carriage.

Harbour buses in Copenhagen are wheelchair-accessible and a fun way to explore the city.

It's easy to get around Copenhagen with the driver-less metro

Photo:Daniel Rasmussen - Copenhagen Media Center


Taxi Denmark has cars that are accessible with a ramp and fully certified drivers. Please read more about their services here.

Dantaxi also provides wheelchair-accessible vans; read more about them here.


To check which ferries are wheelchair accessible, please select ferries from the dropdown menu here and check your preferred route. 

Kvinde holder sig varm med varm drik i klitterne en vinterdag i Klitmøller

Photo:Mette Johnsen

Extra help and support

Access Denmark has an extensive list of places, buildings, and outdoor areas that have met a set of criteria, meaning it is suitable for persons with extra needs. They cover seven types of users: wheelchair users, hand, arm and walking impaired persons, visually impaired and hearing impaired, those with asthma and allergy, those with cognitive needs and people with reading difficulties. You can access their list here.

If you need to rent a wheelchair or another device to assist you during your holiday in Denmark, contact one of the following services: Senior Shop on +45 39 43 05 50, or Dansk Plejeteknik on +45 58 85 34 40 (these sites are only available in Danish, but call or email and they'll be able to help).

Danish wheelchair users gather and register information on wheelchair accessibility at attractions and restaurants all over Denmark. The result is the biggest accessibility database of its kind in Scandinavia. This excellent resource is in Danish; ask the local tourist office of your destination for help accessing its information. You can also download the app “Lige adgang” which will provide you with information about accessible places in Denmark (in Danish).

A girl at Toldboden, Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo:Daniel Rasmussen, Copenhagen Media Center

Public bathrooms

This handy website will let you know of the nearest accessible toilets around you, or close to whatever address you want to search, all across Denmark.

Further information

Please note that although many Danish cities have cobblestones, many are made wheelchair accessible with larger flat and level stones.

All attractions have thought about accessibility. However, many historic sites have limitations because they are protected sites. 

A more in-depth guide of accessible attractions in Copenhagen can be found here. Accessible hotels and hostels and greater Copenhagen attractions here.

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