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Action House - Gokart

Go-karting is an exciting and adrenaline-filled activity, and on one of the world's largest tracks you can have the ultimate experience.

With a track of 1.1 km, there can be up to 35 drivers on the track at the same time and you can drive up to 70 km/h.

The course has two curves and two underground tunnels that provide extra challenges and excitement for your driving. New go-kart models with a display that shows the fastest time, who is leading and how long until the next one, allows you to compete against your friends and family.

The go-kart track also offers a child-friendly experience with three sizes of children's go-karts, where you can turn the pedals up and down according to height. Read more here.

Safety is a high priority at the go-kart track, with top quality helmets and staff always monitoring and helping to drive the go-karts safely. There is even a help button on the go-karts, so you can call staff if you need help.

Package solutions are available on the website so you can plan the perfect day with friends and family. All in all, go-karting on one of the world's largest tracks is a fun and exciting activity that will create memories for a lifetime.

If you are interested in trying your hand at some of the world's most famous races, Action House offers a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of Formula 1 and Le Mans for adults, where you can test your skills and compete against other enthusiasts.

Formula 1

5 minute warm-up
- Run the tires warm
- Take the turns as best as possible and get to know the track
10 minute time trial
- Best lap time
10 minutes final
- The one with the best lap time starts as No. 1
- The one with the best position, at the end, wins

Le Mans

Minimum 16 karts (team) – and min. 2 people per go kart. Driving time: 1-2 hours.
1 tire change must be made if they run below 1.18. 2 tire changes must be made if they run over 1.15.
The winning team is the team with the most laps. It requires team building!