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Activity space in the museum garden in Esbjerg

Behind De Studerendes Hus, beside the large car park, is one of the city center's oases. Here there is a basis for a high level of activity, which is also often the case.

There are facilities for table tennis, petanque and basketball, and a dented asphalt area invites skateboarders and trick cyclists inside. Several times a week, petanque clubs meet, which thrive well side by side with the youth culture on the basketball and skateboard court.

The courses are open until 22 in the evening, and the light on the square can be switched on by sending an SMS with the text LYS to 30 53 52 88.

A framed lawn with a few impressive beeches provides comfortable shade in the summer. Young people are often seen relaxing on the grass. Benches have been set up in several places, so the activity area is also nice to visit as a break from the city trip.