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Allinge Havn

May be entered day and night, allowances being made for wind, current and visibility. Should not be entered during strong onshore winds. Compass variation occurs, and strong currents coupled with bad visibility can be dangerous. Hammerodde Lighthouse will guide boats in during approach. The harbour's leading lights line up at 264 degrees and are turned off whenever approach is hazarsous. It is prohibited et enter the harbour if the following signals are displayed on the harbour mast: Black ball or 3 vertical red lights. Fog horn sounds only when approach is expected: 2 signals every 30 seconds. During windy wiather, the current normally sets in the direction of the wind, but totally unpredictable deviations can occur and cause difficulty at many locations (Hammer Harbour). Fishing and traffic harbour blasted out of the rocks, 60 berths. The harbour gate separating the outer and inner harbours is closed during strong SE-ly winds. Visiting craft should moor along the outer harbour quay or in the inner harbour if space allows.