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The anchor from the Frigate Jylland

Perhaps you've visited the Frigate Jylland in Ebeltoft. But did you know that the frigate's anchor stands at the harbor in Juelsminde as a landmark for the town? The legendary warship was actually based in Juelsminde for a period of time.

A small piece of Denmark's most famous ship

At the lively and bustling marina in Juelsminde stands a piece of Danish history that you should see when visiting the town. At first glance, the anchor might resemble a sculpture highlighting the town's maritime character and history, but there's an intriguing story behind the immensely heavy anchor.

The Frigate Jylland was built in 1860, with its long, sleek hull making it the fastest ship in the Danish fleet—highly armed and maneuverable. In 1864, the Frigate Jylland became legendary when it participated in the Battle of Helgoland. During the two-hour battle, 611 shots were fired from the frigate's 40 cannons, forcing the enemy, the Austrian and Prussian ships, to flee to neutral waters.

The ship made its final voyage in 1886 and was sold for scrapping in 1908.


How does Juelsminde fit into the picture?

However, two enthusiasts managed to save the ship from being scrapped. In 1912, they contacted the wealthy landowner Ejnar Schou from Palsgaard near Juelsminde, who agreed to purchase the ship. The ship was then anchored at Sandbjerg Vig Beach until 1925, becoming a major tourist attraction. From the anchor's location, you can gaze towards where the ship used to be docked.

During its stay in Juelsminde, the Frigate Jylland served as a radio telegraph station. It maintained daily contact with the transmitter in the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and when the message arrived that it was 12 o'clock, Captain Christensen would fire a salute cannon. This signaled the entire local area to adjust their clocks accordingly.

After Ejnar Schou's death, the ship was again slated for scrapping, but public sentiment prevented this from happening.

To this day, the frigate rests in Ebeltoft Harbor as the world's longest preserved wooden ship, but the anchor never made the journey from Juelsminde. During one winter, the frigate got stuck in ice, and during the thaw, it drifted out of the bay, losing two anchors. The largest was later found by a fisherman and salvaged ashore on Stormolen, where it stands on display today. The other anchor still lies somewhere in the sea, never recovered.


More stories about Juelsminde's maritime history

Near the anchor lies the Juelsminde Harbour Museum, where you can explore more about the Frigate Jylland and many other fascinating insights into Juelsminde's history as a fishing, ferry, and harbor town. Visiting the museum is highly recommended when in town. Among its attractions is a ship simulator where children and enthusiasts can try maneuvering a ship out of the harbor.

If you'd like to hear about the Frigate Jylland from a water perspective, we recommend a guided tour with Captain Clausen and the tour boat Gaia from Juelsminde Water Tourism (Havturisme).


Harbour ambiance, beautiful beaches, and ice-cold treats

Juelsminde revolves around its large marina with outdoor dining establishments and several delightful ice cream parlors. The town is almost surrounded by excellent beaches and also offers a good selection of shopping opportunities and activities.

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