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The Ancient Road in Mariagerfjord

The Ancient Road Hærvejen - Mariagerfjord 

The hiking and biking trails of The Ancient Road Hærvejen in the Northern Jutland brings you to the most beautiful nature areas on your way through Denmark and is in fact a trail with historic sights and surroundings. 

In Mariagerfjord Kommune the ancient road Hærvejen starts at Klejtrup Lake and goes north through Lindum Forrest and takes you by The Viking Museum Fyrkat, where the trail crosses with Rute 32 - Mariager Fjord Ruten. From here the trail continues through Døstrup, Rold and Arden to St. Økssø in Rold Skov.  

The biking trail through Mariagerfjord Kommune is approximately 40 km.

The trail is a combination of main roads, paths and gravel roads.

When you take the trail either on foot or by bike, you can easily take a detour and see some of the attractions and historic sights in the area or even take a hike in the lovely surroundings by Mariager Fjord. 

Take a detour to the PANORAMA-trail in Hobro that takes you all the way to Bramslev Bakker on a beautiful trail alongside Mariager Fjord. The trail is 50 km back and forth - so 10 km total. 

The Hearvej app

The ancient road Hærvejen has an app where you can read much more about the interesting history of the routes and find detailed maps of hiking and biking trails.


There are toilets and shelters multiple places along the ancient road Hærvejen. 



P-lot no. 1: Fyrkat, Fyrkatvej 45, DK-9500 Hobro
N56.624959, E9.772425

P-lot no. 2: Rold Gl. Kro, Hobrovej 11, DK-9510 Arden
N56.773061, E9.815775