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Angling in Vilsted Lake

Cast your line in Vilsted Sø, where there's the opportunity to catch various fish in scenic surroundings.

If you are having a fishing license, it is free of charge to fish with a fishing rod in Vilsted Sø and in the outlet from the lake (Bjørnsholm å) down to the bicycle path bridge. But you are not allowed to use a fishing net, put out a long line, or anything like that. It is easiest to fish from the dock in Vilsted, from the handicap fishing ground at the islet, or a boat.

The fishing population is still developing, which makes it hard to categorize, but there have previously been caught sea trout, lake trout, pikes, and roaches.

Minimum Size Limits and Closed Seasons

In Vilsted Sø, the closed seasons and minimum sizes set by the fishing law apply. The trout caught in the lake are categorized as either sea trout or brown trout, with a minimum size of 40 cm in both cases.

All adults between 18 and 65 years old wishing to fish in Denmark must possess a valid fishing license. Revenues from the sale of fishing licenses contribute to the stocking of fish, the restoration of watercourses and lakes, and research relevant to fish populations.

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