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Årgab, Haurvig & Skodbjerge Beach

Enjoy the North Sea on one of the less crowded beaches along the Danish West coast. If you have a car, Årgab, Haurvig and Skodbjerge Beach are the perfect place for you, who wish to have a relaxing day on the beach.

ÅrgabHaurvig and Skodbjerge Beach

Along the West coast of Denmark, south from Hvide Sande, you will find lots of gorgeous beaches close to Årgab, Haurvig and Skodbjerge. Here, you can enjoy the view of the dunes, take a long walk or swim in the North Sea. At Sønder Klitvej in Haurvig, there is a parking lot. There are several camp sites nearby. If you are lucky, you can spot a bunker from World War II on your trip.