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Art Tower 2 - Ann-Kerstina Nielsen - Deep Under Part I

In art tower 2 you will be taken into the depths of a work by Ann-Kerstina Nielsen

Art Tower 2 Artist:

  • Ann-Kerstina Nielsen
  • Artwork: "Deep Under - Part 1"
  • Created: 2023

Deep Under – Part I

In Art Tower 2, you will find Ann-Kerstina Nielsen's interactive artwork "Deep Under - Part 1."

She drew inspiration for this work when she was very young and attended a folk high school in Thy. In the garden at Sjørring Vold, there was a stone carved by the local artist Erland Knudsen Madsen. The inscription on that stone came to define her both as a person and especially as an artist. The words on the stone are taken from Saxo’s Chronicle of Denmark. Saxo tells of a young boy named Folke, who is sent to the coast to watch for enemy ships. When Folke sees the ships approaching, he rushes back to King Vermund’s camp.

In the camp, King Vermund and his people are succumbing to idleness, lethargy, drunkenness, susceptibility to offense, and overconsumption. As Folke nears the camp, he shouts at the top of his lungs: "I bring joyful news, the enemy is in the land." This is understood to mean: Wake up, there is something to fight for. Art should speak in the same way. Not to the emotions and not to the intellect, but to the spirit!

Part II can be found at the Cold War Museum Langelandsfortet.


Ann-Kerstina Nielsen

Ann-Kerstina Nielsen has worked with graphics since the mid-90s. She is a member of BKF and Danish Printmakers as well as the chair of SAK's Graphic Basement.

Ann-Kerstina Nielsen uses graphics both as an artistic expression and a form of communication. As an artist, she also engages in painting and ceramics. Over the years, Ann-Kerstina Nielsen has won several international awards for her graphics and has participated in prestigious exhibitions both in Denmark and abroad.

You can find more of Ann-Kerstina's art in her gallery on Ristingevej on South Langeland.

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The towers are open all year round. A tour around them all will always offer a new experience, influenced by both the season and weather. 

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