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Asaa og Geraa Reserve

Asaa and Geraa Reserve can be described as a mini-tidal flat, where wading birds and birds of prey search for food and migrate to and from. Many bird enthusiasts visit the area to observe the multiple species of the area.

Asaa and Geraa salt meadows are areas which the Danish Ministry of the Environment has designated for wildlife refuge. The areas have natural salt meadows side by side with cultivated fields, and can be described as a mini-tidal flat. The whole area is of big importance to wading birds that use the area as a pit stop, pantry and breeding area. Spring and fall are high season for birds to breed and migrate, and for this reason many bird enthusiast visit the salt meadows during spring and fall to experience and observe the multiple bird species, which migrate or search for food in the area. Birds of prey like the kestrel and the buzzard also crosses the area, and if you are lucky, you get to see them with their flocks.