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Askov Church

Askov Church is beautifully situated next to the pond in the college town of Askov, a few kilometres west of Vejen. The church was consecrated as an unaffiliated church in 1899 but joined the National Church of Denmark in 1972.

The church, built of red brick with a slate roof, was designed by architect Rolf Schroeder. The church consists of a basilica with apse to the east and a tower above the nave’s northwest corner. The high apse masonry is decorated with pilaster strips and round-arch friezes. The lack of windows in the apse and the small windows placed relatively high up in the nave give the interior a unique play of light.    

The nave interior is characterised by arches where the transept crosses the nave. The pulpit has walled ceramic bas-reliefs depicting the symbols of the four evangelists: the eagle for John, the lion for Marc, the ox for Luke and the angel for Matthew, all executed by artist Hans Georg Skovgaard.

Corner for thought
Towards the southern entrance to the nave (the narthex) there is a small corner for solemn reflection or prayer. Here there is a light globe and a wrought-iron candlestick with 12 candles so that visitors to the church can light a candle as part of their quiet reflection.

The cemetery
The cemetery of Askov Church is framed by clipped beech hedges and the churchyard features the graves of leading community figures from in and around the college town of Askov.

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