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Atelier Blå at Dutrupgaard

The artist Birgitte Raen Gilsvik has her studio at Dutrupgaard. She held her first solo exhibition in 1997, and since then she has had a number of shows in Norway and Denmark. It is first and foremost painting as an artistic expression that she is researching, with different brush strokes, and by challenging the character of colours by changing the size and shape of the different elements. She works on the surface by building up structure and texture through many-layered coats of paint.


Raen Gilsvik’s education includes classical courses in painting, drawing, and life drawing at Stavanger School of Art as well as Rogaland Distriktshøyskole (at present the University in Stavanger). She has also studied with artists such as Kjell Pahr Iversen, Roland Lengauer, and Lou Rizollo. She has also studied silk screen print at a graphics workshop in Stavanger.

Birgitte looks for inspiration across the different artistic expressions. At times musicians, poets, and pictorial artists get together for transverse experiments.

In August 2014 the fellow artists Åse Anda and Ruth Bersås came to visit for an artists’ symposium and exhibition.

Birgitte’s studio is at Dutrupgaard. Many cultural personalities have visited the farm, which dates back to 1870.

Dutrupgaard is the venue for small groups in need of an intimate and special setting for their arrangements.

Dutrupgaard is well suited for stays for artists and writers, for board meetings, friendly get togethers, etc. The three wings have 7 double rooms, a green kitchen, a gallery, a studio, a library, several lounges, a conference room, and an indoor swimming pool.

“Art is the solution to problems that can’t be clearly defined until they are solved”. The famous Danish architect and poet Piet Hein has been staying at Dutrupgaard.