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Atelier HBH-Art

Atelier HBH-Art is the studio of the artist Helle Borg Hansen. There is no actual opening hours, but you can always call me and make an appointment by telephone, email or just take the chance and drop by.

I work in oil on canvas, watercolor and bronze. I have specialized in making the colors I use from pure pigments and linseed oil, so they get a unique glow and durability.

What I'm most known for, is my red flamenco dancers, where I explore body language and movement. Often I combine my exhibitions with a show with my group "Flamenco de Colores".

Being a dancer, who paints dancers, is a way to maintain the fleeting expression and movement of the dance, and translate dance energy into colors.

Flamenco dance is not the only subject I am dealing with. I also use, horses, trees, landscapes  in my paintings, which is a combination of abstraction and figurative painting style.

After I had painted a number of years I extened the painting with sculpture. The modeling removes the colors and makes the process of pure movement and energy. Again, it is the dancer and body languages expression that concerns me.

And then I had to convince myself that I could make a bronze horse. It did - a massive bronze horse of 13 kg.

Otherwise, all my works can be seen on

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