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Atelier HBH-Art

HBH-Art is the studio of the artist Helle Borg Hansen. There are no fixed opening hours, but you can always make an appointment by phone or just drop in.

Helle works in oil on canvas, watercolour and bronze. The special thing about her colours is that she makes them herself from pure pigments and linseed oil, which gives them a special brilliance and durability.
The artist is best known for her red flamenco dancers, in which she explores body language and movement. She often combines her exhibitions with a show with her group "Flamenco de Colores". Being a dancer who paints dancers is a way of capturing the fleeting expression and movement of the dance and translating the energy of the dance into colour.

Flamenco dance is not the only subject Helle deals with. Horses, trees and landscapes can also be seen in her paintings, which are a combination of abstract and figurative styles.

She has also extended her painting to sculpture. The modelling removes the colours and turns the process into pure movement and energy. Again it is the dancer and the nuanced expressiveness of body language that interests her.