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Atelier Theilgaard

On the outskirts of Løkken, Tina Theilgaard has a studio and exhibition. Here, with her many years of experience, she conveys her fascination with women and paints her in many nuances of life.

Women, landscapes and humorous bathing motifs.

Tina paints her motifs so that they exist and are made present using different materials such as ink, charcoal, coffee, colored chalk, corrugated cardboard and acrylic paint. The exciting and colorful abstract landscapes are painted with great commitment and desire. Her many years of experience in the visual arts show in her convincing way of building the subject, color composition and storytelling ability. You can hardly live in Løkken without also painting bathing motifs.

Some of Tina's are a little different though, as they are often spiced with a quirky or humorous approach. In Tina's western sea paintings, the interpretation of the everyday images is reduced to a simpler and simpler depiction. A very special atmosphere arises in her pictures and a wonderful feeling of silence and calm.

Kirsten-Marie Hedeland, art reviewer at Kunstavisen and TV presenter on "Kultur-Kanalen" writes about Tina: "Tina's imagery is very strong and is done in a captivating way. She gives us a personal experience and sets up an open dialogue, where the motifs speak to us and give us the opportunity to bring up our own feelings and inner moods and get different sensory impressions from the encounter with her world of motifs." 

Outside opening hours call tel. 23 28 29 76 and Tina will be happy to open the studio if possible.