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Southern European atmosphere in old auto mechanic premises, mixed with great coffee, natural wine, beer, cider and artistic events is a recipe for success!

In the Northwest neighborhood, there was once an auto mechanic shop where the auto mechanic was called Poul. It no longer exists - in its place is Autopoul, a (coffee) bar and event venue that has moved into Poul's old premises. Very little has been changed to the facade, so it feels like stepping directly into the old workshop.

The iconic courtyard is sunny all day and you'll experience a southern European vibe, especially because of the white plastic chairs that stand out in the Copenhagen landscape.

Autopoul offers high-quality wine, coffee, beer and cider. On the wine front, the focus is on natural wine. If you fall in love with what you're drinking, they also have a bottleshop where you can buy bottles to take home.

Autopoul also has several events, such as exhibitions, concerts or something else. You are welcome to bring your own food, but you can also buy light meals to satisfy your hunger.