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Baagø Camping

Baagø Camping is a charming small campsite near the best bathing beach on Baagø Island and an ideal point of departure for exploring the island. 

Campsites share bath and toilet facilities with Baagø Marina. 

Children 12 years and under: children’s price
Plot charge for caravans and tents. Electricity:  DKK 30.00 per day.

Bicycles for hire (self-service) on the waterfront.
Leave payment in the box, take a bicycle and return the bicycle to the same place.

Contact information:
Søren Bertelsen, Phone: (+45) 2043 8511, email soerenb@stofanet.dk
Dick Prebble, Phone: (+45) 2013 8263, email dick-prebble@hotmail.com