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Bagergården i Saksild

There is nothing as wonderful as the smell of freshly baked bread - especially during the holidays! At the bakery Bagergården i Saksild you will find a large selection of delicious bread and pastries. 

Freshly baked bread at the coast

On the country road in the holiday village Saksild, near the beach, you find the bakery Bagergården. Here, a delicious selection of freshly baked bread and cakes awaits you, always made with the best ingredients.


A minimarket with a wide range of goodies

In addition to baked goods, Bagergården houses a minimarket where you can find a large selection of groceries, such as fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, homemade Italian ice cream, dairy products, sweets, groceries, wine, beer and sodas.

Moreover, you can get over-the-counter medicine from the local pharmacy, Odder Apotek. In other words - Bagergården has almost everything you need during your holiday!


More specialties

If you are looking for more delicious specialties for your freshly baked bread, the Odder area is packed with exciting farm shops and specialty shops.

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