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Bågø Harbour

Baagø Harbour

A modern harbour with access to water and electricity on the piers. Built in 2009 with 49 berths and a slipway. Harbour fees are paid at an automatic machine.

The harbour, owned by Assens Municipality, comprises
a 90 x 85 metre harbour basin and a ferry berth.

Multipurpose building

A multipurpose building with a kiosk, waiting room, covered patio, toilets and showers, washing machine and tumble dryer.

harbour entrance: 3.0 metres;
harbour basin: 3.0–2.5 metres.

Maximum boat dimensions for calling at the harbour:
length: 25 m, width 6 m and draught 2.5 m.

Water level:
the difference between average high water mark
and average low water mark is 0.5 m.

Winds between N and NE increase the water level by up
to 1.2 m and winds from SW and NW reduce the water level
by as much as 1.6 m.

the Sandhammeren spit extends about 0.6 nautical mile
to the south-east from south-west point of Bagø.
Up to 0.4 nautical mile from the spit, the water depth is less than
2 m, but deepens from there to 4 m.
Small craft approaching from NW through Fyrrenden should sail
south around Sandhammeren, after which the harbour should be approached from the south-east on a north-westerly course.
Small craft approaching from the south should pass east of the
green conical buoy on the southeast side of Årø shallows and keep
a northerly course until the harbour can be approached on a
north-westerly course.

Maximum speed: 4 knots.

Anchor ground:
south-east of the harbour in the bay east of Sandhammeren.

Port office: Phone: +45 24 21 47 34.

See also the Danish Electronic Harbour Pilot/ Danske Havnelods.

Boat places: +45 64 71 31 65 8am -12pm