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Bakkeleg - Paper & Hobby

At Bakkeleg in Brædstrup you can find an exciting selection of toys forchildren and playful souls. If you are looking for entertainment on the family holiday then this is certainly the right place for you. 

Lots of exciting toys

In the heart of Brædstrup, on the town’s high street, you will find this interesting Eldorado of exciting toys and hobby items. In the store, you can explore a wide range of toys for both boys and girls – and in different price ranges.

Walking through the store, looking at all the peculiar and exciting products on the shelves from well-known brands and bargains, is an experience of its own. A good mix of immersive games and family activities and quirky toys characterizes the store, and you can easily find both a puzzle, a board game, equipment for outdoor games or the perfect cheap gift.


From souvenirs to hobby items

Are you visiting Brædstrup in connection to a tri to the Uncovered Bridge? In the store, you can buy the Uncovered Bridge souvenirs – from teddy bears to puzzles. And right outside the store, Bakkeleg has its own tourist information with pamphlets and information about experiences in the local area.

Bakkeleg offers much more than toys. They also have hobby items for creative immersion as well as office supplies. You will find anything from yarn to Hama pearls, children’s clothing, place cards, and mandala colouring books.


Visit the webshop

If you do not have the opportunity to come to Brædstrup, then feel free to visit Bakkeleg’s webshop and have the products delivered to your doorstep (in Denmark). On the website you can also get an overview of the current opening hours.


Exploring Brædstrup

Brædstrup has surprisingly many shops in its small centre. So, stop by and feel the atmosphere in the commercial town. You might want to combine with a meal at one of the eateries in town, a stroll through the urban park, a game at the bowling alley, or maybe a visit to the beach at Ring Lake.

You can find inspiration for activities in Brædstrup on this page.