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Ballen Marina

Ballen Marina is Samsø’s largest and most visited marina and has approximately 8,500 guest visits a year. Ballen Marina is located on the southern part of the island on the east side.

Ballen Marina is owned by Samsø municipality, and consists of an outer harbour with slots for more deep-draft ships and the Old Port NW to the outer harbour, which is divided into two pools.

Ballen, where the marina is located, is Samsø’s holiday town no. 1 with lots of restaurants, cafes, the island’s only disco etc.

Ballen Marina was voted Denmark’s best marina in 2014 by Danske Tursejlere

Kattegat, Samsø Bælt, Samsø Øst-kyst
55°49,0′N 10°38,4′E – kort 112

Largest ships
The largest ships that can enter the port: Length 85 m, width 9 m and depth 3.5 m.

Water level
The difference between the mean high tide and low tide is 0.5 m in summer and 0.7 m in winter.

Electricity and water at all bridges. Gasoline, diesel and oil. Slipway. A 500-kg mast crane. Camping 2km.

Speed limit
3 knots

North of the marina