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Bar Vivant

Bar Vivant on Elmegade in Nørrebro serves nature wine, tinned fish, sourdough bread and many other delicacies in beautiful settings.

Bar Vivant in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, run by two dedicated Norwegian men, is more than just a bar; it celebrates seasonal natural wine and explores gastronomic experiences. Their passion for sustainability and respect for nature has created a unique destination that appeals to wine lovers and adventurous souls.

The wine menu at Bar Vivant is a carefully selected collection of natural wines that reflect the seasonal variations. From light summer wines to robust autumnal nuances, the selection is dynamic and changes with the rhythm of nature. Wines are mainly imported from France, Germany and Austria.

The gastronomic experience at Bar Vivant is as impressive as the wine list. The menu focuses on delicious light dishes, especially delicious tinned fish and sourdough bread.

Socialising is also in play at Bar Vivant, including a monthly quiz. You can bring friends, family, and partners because the price level is such that both the director and the student can pay.