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Bazar Vest

At Bazar Vest, shopping is an experience in itself! The Bazar is an absolute haven for the gourmet as well as for the cost-conscious shopper or those with a practical mind.

Bazar Vest is a unique shopping centre in Aarhus – a paradise for the gourmet, the price-conscious consumer, and the handyperson alike – Bazar Vest has it all. Bazar Vest bids you welcome to a melting pot of culture, spices, colours and scents.

Culture, spices, colours and scents

The gift shops abound with surprises, the vegetable section’s assortment, quality and prices makes it unique, and from the small restaurants flows the smell of exotic food. Bazar Vest covers 18,000 square metres and offers a wealth of great bargains and shopping experiences.

At Bazar Vest, shopping becomes an experience in itself!

The bazar is a sheer haven for the gourmet as well as for the shopper looking for a great bargain or a practical solution to tonight’s dinner. When it comes to culture, spices, bright colours and tantalising smells, ordinary supermarkets have nothing on this exotic food haven.
Closed on Mondays and on the 1st of January.

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