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Beach: Helnæs Peninsula

Helnæs Strand, also known as "Helnæs Sommerland NØ," is located at the southeast end of Helnæs.

Beaches on Helnæs Peninsula

There are two beautiful beaches on the Helnæs Peninsula:

  • Helnæs Strand: Helnæs Sommerland NØ
  • Helnæs Fiskerhuse (Bathing Spot)*


Helnæs Strand

Helnæs Strand, also known as "Helnæs Sommerland NØ," is located at the southeast end of Helnæs.

There are parking facilities in the middle of the area, where there is also a dry toilet. In each end of the beach, there are green areas where it is also possible to lie down. Signage regarding the conditions at the beach is available in the parking lot.

The beach is approximately 475 meters long, and the width is about 5 meters. The beach width consists of sand with rocky areas, which is why the two grass areas at each end of the beach are ideal.

The bathing area is shallow - the distance to a depth of 2 meters is approximately 150 meters at normal water level. The bottom consists mainly of sand out in the water. Along the coastline, there are breakwaters with approximately 20 meters between each. Three bathing piers are installed along the entire stretch.


Helnæs Fiskerhuse

Helnæs Fiskerhuse is located on the east side of Helnæs in a very shallow area in Helnæs Bugt/Nørrefjord.

There are parking facilities about 80 meters from the beach, where there are also toilets and information about the conditions at the beach.

The beach is approximately 200 meters long and about 5 meters wide. The beach width consists mainly of a mixture of sand and stones. However, there is an area with fine sand at the access road from the parking lot.

The seabed consists mainly of sand, and it is shallow. There are no bathing piers on the beach.


*The "Bathing Spot" is a Nordic labeling scheme for bathing areas with clean bathing water, high bathing safety, basic infrastructure, and the possibility of special outdoor, nature, or cultural experiences.