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Bertels Salon Kompagnistæde

Bertels Salon in Copenhagen offers coffee and cheesecake, which is said to convert even the biggest cheesecake skeptic.

In the heart of Copenhagen you will find a cheesecake heaven in the physical form of the very popular cheesecake cafe Bertels Salon.

Bertels Salon is a relatively small place, and on a good day both cakes and tables are in high demand.

A little something for everyone

If you are a true cake lover, you might have some difficulties deciding which cake to set your teeth into.

The montre offers various flavours; from lemon meringue to Oreo, raspberry/vanilla, caramel and licorice from Johan Bülow and more.

Cheesecake skeptic?

Bertels Salon is said to convert even the biggest cheesecake skeptic. However, if you are still sceptical, there is no need to worry. Bertels Salon also offers brownies, croissants and more.

You can also spoil your tastebuds with breakfast or tapas, just like you can always enjoy a cup of coffee or cold, fresh beverages.

You will also find Bertels Salon in Frederiksberg.