Green Experience
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Best Western Hotel Hillerød - Green Key Hotel with unique meeting rooms and local gastronomy

At Best Western Hotel Hillerød and in Restaurant Krydderiet, they meet you halfway. You can recognize them by their commitment to creating the best environment for you and your meeting.

Best Western Hotel Hillerød is owned by locals and operated by a passionate team that constantly strives to do a little better than the best.

The hotel's meeting rooms are unique gathering places. You can choose 2 smaller rooms for intimate meetings up to 4 people, the meeting room with a view of the sky and space for 15 people with different table setups, and in Café Glas, there can be up to 60 people in rows of chairs.

Additionally, you can rest well in 111 rooms and 2 junior suites.


  • 4 meeting rooms.
  • Café Glas is open from noon with space for 50 people (75 people in rows of chairs). The meeting room accommodates 4-25 people depending on the table setup, along with our 2 suites.
  • During the meeting, there is access to free wireless internet and basic AV equipment.
  • 113 rooms - all with free internet connection via a wireless network.
  • The entire hotel is accessible for wheelchair users, with ample private parking and green areas around.

Green Key

With their ambitious Green Key certification, they contribute positively to the green transition.

Seasonal fresh produce

In Restaurant Krydderiet, you are presented with seasonal fresh produce, preferably sourced locally. The hotel has created its herb garden, cultivating everything from red sorrel to wild strawberries. Seasons inspire, and they have a strong tradition of hosting gastronomic events and celebrations. The joy for food and professional commitment contribute to making Restaurant Krydderiet one of Hillerød's best.

They take their hospitality seriously without being too serious. When you hold meetings, stay, and dine at Hotel Hillerød, they take pride in helping you find everything you need, what you want to experience, or taste.

The hotel is staffed 24/7, seven days a week, ensuring you sleep safely and securely. And, of course, good free parking facilities are provided – also for electric cars and racing bikes.