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Bicycle ferry Thjalfe, Denmark - Germany

Welcome aboard the bicycle ferry Thjalfe, sailing on the route from Egernsund via Brunsnæs to Langballigau in Germany in the spring and summer of 2024.

Enjoy an unforgettable tour on the bicycle ferry Thjalfe.

Departure Egernsund: 10.00, 14.00 & 16.00.
Departure Langballigau: 13.00, 15.00 & 17.00.

From 18 May to 23 June 2024, we beginn our weekend trips and you can again take a relaxing trip on the inlet Flensburg Fjord.

From 28 June to and including 8 September 2024, we sail on all days of the week and you can take the trip to or from Germany with departures on the route from:

Egernsund, Havnevej 1, 6320 Egernsund (54.906393, 9.599481) via

Brunsnæs, Brunsnæs-Fjordvejen 35A, 6310 Broager (54.866692, 9.636718) to

Langballigau in Germany, Strandweg 5, 24977 Langballig (54.822403, 9.654191) - remember to bring your passport - also for the children and the dog!

The good ship Thjalfe is certified for 12 passengers, so planning the trip and booking the tickets is important – also for the bicycle.

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