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Bicycle routes on Fur

As designed for cyclists

The island of Fur in the middle of the Limfjord is perfect for cyclists. Fantastic nature and active islanders with a high pulse. The possibilities for experience are in line, and Fur is only 2 minutes from the mainland. The ferry sails around the clock, during the day every 15 minutes.

Bicycle routes on Fur

As designed for cyclists.

The island Fur is made for cyclists. Fantastic nature and active islanders. The island offers many experiences, and is situated only 2 minutes from the main land. You can go by ferry around the clock - in the daytime every 15 minutes.

By fixed route or free country road

From the harbour of Fur three bike routes and 100 kilometers of roads start and spreads over the 22 km2 of the island. You can follow the blue coastal route around Fur, the green hill route directly to the top of Fur, or the red shop route which leads you to the shops, galleries and exhibitions.

It is also possible to combine the routes and go your own ways. The marked paths invites you to get of the bike and explore the island by foot.

Denmark's most lovely island

The moclay cliffs of the North coast candidates to become World Heritage. The view from the top of Fur is one of the best in Denmark. Fur Bryghus (Brewery) serves the best Danish beer. Fur Museum has findings of scientific interest and treasure troves. Creative local artists leave their mark everywhere on the island. It is no wonder that Fur is Denmark's most lovely island.