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Bike race: Langeland ~ Rundt

Denmark's Most Beautiful Bike Race 68/126 km - Langeland ~ Rundt

Unique late summer bike race

Feel the wings of history as you visit the romantic little towns and magnificent manor houses and feel the crisp breeze on your face as you circumnavigate our endless coastline. Feel the air beneath your wings as you climb Denmark's rolling hills, the hat hills of Langeland.

No, you haven't come to Tuscany, but to Langeland - and here we have it all!
Now we also have a cycle race, and we're not afraid to call it Denmark's most beautiful.

68/126 km of cycling in some of Denmark's most beautiful nature

Experience something out of the ordinary. Two unique routes have been planned - inspired by the Manor House Route - of 126 km and 68 km respectively. The routes have been changed compared to 2023 and will have over 50% gravel, where we cycle on gravel paths, field roads and in forests and by beaches.
Start and finish will be at the beautiful Broløkke Manor, which has undergone a complete renovation in recent years.

The route will constantly change between different scenarios and you'll have fantastic views of fields, forests, beaches and small cosy towns.

The depots will be at local manor houses with delicious catering from local suppliers - a delicious experience with a touch of noble luxury.