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Bike Route, Skodborg Skrave

A 23 km biking-route, which leads you through the area south of Kongeåen.

In the period from 1864 to 1920, the area was German and some Danish-minded citizens made an impact on the struggle for making the area Danish again. The route can be started at Skodborg church, where there is a parking opportunity. The route is varied and there are several break opportunities along the way.  In Skodborg, it is possible to shop. The route can be shortened to 16km by not turning to Københoved:


- Skodborg Church
- Pilgrim’s shelter in Skodborg Præsteskov
- Toftlundgård
- Skrave Church
- Bejstrupgård in Københoved
- Bennetgård
- Københoved Forrest
- Københoved Town
- Lokes høje, barrows