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Bikepark Helnæs

Cykelpark Helnæs is a "rental of bicycles" initiative, which is free. In 2023, the bike rental will start just before Easter at the beginning of April. It must support nature experiences for tourists on Helnæs

The bikes are sponsored by local people from Helnæs and are maintained by volunteers. You can borrow the bikes for free and hope that everyone will take good care of them and return them in good condition. There are no funds for insurance and safety equipment, so use is at your own risk.

Rental locations:

Helnæs Mølle, Helnæs Byvej 21, Helnæs, 5631 Ebberup
Helnæs Camping, Strandbakken 21, Helnæs, 5631 Ebberup


Contact Flemming for defective bicycles: 27191060