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Bindeballe Station

A Charming Little Gem. Bindeballe was one of the stations on the old Vandelbane, which now serves as a hiking and cycling path.

The Vejle-Vandel stretch was opened in 1897, extended to Grindsted in 1914, and closed down in 1957.

The station building at Bindeballe Station is from 1897 and is now fitted with an exhibition where the ticket office and waiting room are reconstructed with many original items. On the tracks stand two old train carriages.

The old grocer's shop Bindeballe Købmandsgård
When the railway opened in 1897, the industrious merchant Jeppe Kristensen simultaneously opened the doors to his grocer's shop just opposite the small station.

The track was closed in 1957, but the old grocer's shop persists and now functions as a museum store.

The old grocer's shop, Bindeballe Købmandsgård, is a charming little gem, furnished with historical inventory and filled to the brim with old enamel signs and all sorts of quirky goods. It is definitely worth a visit!