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Birkende church

Welcome to Birkende Kirke - an atmospheric church from the 14th century

Birkende Kirke is a road church. This means that it is open to all visitors during the day. You are welcome to sit down for a moment in thought or prayer.

Do you feel sadness, joy, worry or gratitude? Then switch on a candle in our globe of light. Taking a candle is free. However, a few kroner in the church treasury will be gratefully received by the organizations whose work the church supports.

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The church office's email address is: MIG@km.dk

More about Birkende Church

Sometime in the 14th century, Birkende Church was built. The exact year is not known, but the construction style and materials provide good help for the dating work.

Changes to the building have occurred several times. The oldest is probably the tower part, which has, however, been considerably lower, and the last addition, the side nave, which was added in 1847, is the only one that is not built in monk's stone.

The furnishings in the church are of very different ages. The altar table itself is built in monks' stone. The altarpiece is dated by the National Museum to around 1450, but this only applies to the finely carved oak figures. The middle part shows the crucifixion, where the figures are arranged as a whole scenery. The side wings are a bit special with two motifs on each side. On the table are two old candlesticks and a newer seven-armed one. The baptismal font is probably also the original - however, the base is new. Above the font stands a seven-armed candle, which is lit at christenings. The pulpit is from 1571, it has the four evangelists placed in each field. Another necessary fixture is the church bell.