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Bjerregaard Beach

Enjoy the view of white dunes and sense the waves at Bjerregård Strand. When you are on vacation in West Denmark, Bjerregård Strand is a great place to experience the North Sea with your family, friends, or your own company.

Bjerregård Strand or Bjerregård Beach is situated at the North Sea, about 7 km from Nymindegab and 15 km from Hvide Sande. The beach is surrounded by beautiful nature with white sand, dunes and Eventyrskoven or The Fairytale Forest nearby. The beach is not far from the summerhouse area in Bjerregård and is easy to access for pedestrians. Bjerregård is a lovely holiday area on the Danish West coast with summerhouses, a camp site, and a grocery shop, and with the fiord on one side and the North Sea on the other side.