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Bjørnø Gårdbutik

From Bjørnø with love.

Bjørnø Farm Shop gives islanders, guests and locals access to tasty and locally produced vegetables, eggs and beef.

We also have a small selection of sustainable delicacies and local handicrafts. In addition to Skarø ice cream and drinks, we also sell some basic food products so that guests on the island can always get their morning coffee and oatmeal.

The farm shop and the products we sell are based on love for our small, scenic island and the desire to make a small contribution to restoring the earth's natural balance. Our organic farmers take great pride in delivering first-class food, where taste, health and respect for nature are paramount. That's why we cultivate the land organically and make room for greater biodiversity with new hedgerows and ponds.

The meat we sell is from cattle grazing on the hills of Bjørnø and is certified organic. Eggs are from hens that can be left outdoors all year round.

Our large selection of different vegetables comes from the 1 hectare open-air nursery and large greenhouse.

You can take the ferry to buy Bjørnø Ø-meat and Ø-vegetables, or order on our website.

You can also have a box of mixed vegetables and herbs delivered to the harbour in Faaborg every Friday (9am and 5pm). The box is put together so that you get both coarse and fine seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs.

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