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Blå Kors thrift shop Nørre Nebel

You will find Blå Kors Recycling’s small and cosy second-hand shop on the main street in Nr. Nebel. You can find clothes and recycled items for the whole family here.

At Blå Kors thrift shop in Nr. Nebel, you will find a selection of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, kitchenware, porcelain, books, ornaments and much more. The store always has some good novels on the shelf if you have forgotten your holiday book at home, or you might need an extra warm jacket for walks by the water. Blå Kors thrift shop tries to have an assortment in the store for customers who are holidaying on the west coast. And it offers you plenty of opportunities to go treasure hunting for special bargains.

When you shop at Blå Kors Recycling, you are helping to support the work of Blå Kors Denmark. Blå Kors Denmark helps people who are homeless, lonely, mentally vulnerable, poor or substance abusers, and their relatives.