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The Black Cloverleaf Route in Skåstrup

A nice bike ride with the family or a great hike on a sunny day? Head out on the Black Clover Trail by Skåstrup!

The Black Cloverleaf Trail is a 10.2 km long route that passes through the old, cozy villages of Skåstrup, Ørbæk, Ore, and Mejlskov. The terrain includes both hills and some inclines and declines, offering a beautiful, idyllic, and quintessentially Funen landscape year-round.

The route is suitable for both a great bike ride or a long hike, and there's a well-maintained path all the way - perfect for hiking boots and bike tires alike.

What can you experience on the route?

On the route, you'll come across several attractions:

  • Oregaard: An old manor house from the 13th century, which today serves as a conservation center for old Danish livestock breeds.
  • Ore Church: A beautiful old church from the 15th century.
  • The old railway line between Bogense and Brenderup: On the route, you'll follow the old railway line through the forest.

Here are some additional tips for the trip:

  • The route is suitable for both cyclists and hikers.
  • Take your time to enjoy the cozy villages and the beautiful nature.
  • Look for the old fruit trees near Ørbæk.
  • Remember to bring water and snacks for the trip!

Enjoy your journey!