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Bogense is the Home of the Gods - Art Exhibition with Jim Lyngvild's Works

21 fascinating and fantastic works on Nordic mythology in Jim Lyngvild's interpretation - visit the exhibition at Østre Mole in Bogense throughout the year!

"Bogense is the Home of the Gods" is the title of an outdoor art exhibition at Østre Mole in Bogense.

The exhibition consists of 21 exciting photographic works. The motifs are scenes and gods from Norse mythology in Jim Lyngvild's inspiring interpretation. There are wild and lavish costumes, captivating landscapes, and exciting stories.

Experience the exhibition in the open air along the old harbor in Bogense and let the images set your imagination free - here you'll step right into the dream world of mythology.

Is Bogense the Home of the Gods?

If one is to believe the historians from the 18th century, then Bogense is the home of the gods. It is meant that the name of the city comes from Odin's son Bo, whom he had with the Russian princess Rind. He who was to avenge Balder at Ragnarok. Therefore, other – slightly more colorful sources from this time – would also mean that it is from exactly Bogense's, Gyldensten's or Harridslevgaard's wetlands that Balder's pyre, Ringhorne, was sent out and sent to Hel.

Jim Lyngvild

Jim Lyngvild is a true master at bringing Norse mythology to life. Jim Lyngvild is, among other things, a storyteller, designer, entrepreneur, and photographer - a Danish multi-artist. He is known for his work within fashion, design, art, and authorship. Jim Lyngvild is especially known for his spectacular costumes and his great interest and knowledge about the Viking age and Norse mythology. He has a colorful personality and has, among other things, designed a series of fantastic Viking costumes and has been involved in several TV programs and exhibitions focusing on the Viking age and Danish history.

Besides his work with costumes and fashion, Jim Lyngvild is also the author of several books on topics such as fashion, Vikings, Norse mythology, and Danish cultural history.

The Exhibition

The exhibition can be experienced from March 23rd and throughout the year. The exhibition is open around the clock.

The homeowners' association at Østre Mole is the organizer of the exhibition.