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Borre Knob

One of the local area’s loveliest nature experiences is found at the narrow peninsula Borre Knob, which stretches a long way into Horsens Fjord. If you are looking for a great suggestion for a short round trip at the coast, then Borre Knob might be the place for you.

The secret gem of Horsens Fjord

If you are looking at a map of Horsens Fjord, then it is easy to spot Borre Knob, which stretches into the fjord like a spear, reaching out for the island Alrø. Nonetheless there are many – even locals, eho do not know the area.
And that is a shame…

…because Borre Knob is an amazing nature experience with lots of beach (4,5 kilometres), a nice view, a rich animal life, forest, lake, sand dunes, and rose bushes. It is incredibly peaceful on the peninsula, and you easily get the feeling that you are walking at the coast on an island far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Perfect for a long range of activities

Borre Knob is suitable for multiple outdoor activities. Here, you can sunbathe or cool down in the shallow water. You can also bring the fishing rod – there is a great chance of a catch. Or get on the SUP boar, in the kayak or venture into other water sports activities.


Our best destination for a Sunday hike

There is a large free parking lot at the start of the peninsula. From here, a path heads east around the lake Lillestrand. Here, along the eastern shore, you can walk the two-kilometre-long hike to the tip – either on the beach or further inland where there is shelter from the wind amongst the trees. Halfway down the eastcoast, there is a house with tables and benches where you can relax and enjoy your packed lunch. On the east side there is great view to the islands of the fjord Alrø and Hjarnø, and you will likely spot the Hjarnø Ferry that sails back and forth more than 30 times a day.

As you walk on the last narrow stretch towards the tip, you will experience that the landscape changes, and you will get the feeling that you are standing in the middle of the fjord. At the tip children like to stand with one leg on each side. You can see boats, ships and kayaks sail by continuously through the narrow fairway between Borre Knob and Alrø, only 500 metres away.

You can walk on the western coastline as you head back towards the parking lot. To the west you can see the city of Horsens at the end of the fjord. On this side the water is very shallow and calm.


Bucket list for my trip to Borre Knob

  • Play ducks and drakes in the calm water
  • Take off your shoes and stand with one leg on each side at the tip
  • See the Hjarnø Ferry
  • Soak up the sun at the beach
  • Wave to the captain in one of the boats sailing by
  • Look for the many bird species that reside on the peninsula
  • Pick rose hip from the many burnet rose bushes
  • Stretch your arms and feel the fresh wind
  • Bring lunch and cold refreshments and enjoy it at the tables
  • Collect garbage on the way. You will make the experience better for the next guests
  • Visit Glud Museum on the way home – you are going that way anyways


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