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Brdr. Stjerne - Samsø VVS og Energi

Your local authorized plumber

Part of the chain VVS Comfort A/S, which consists of some of Denmark's most skilled authorized plumbing installers.

Plumbing work
Brdr. Stjerne carries out all plumbing work in the home, including water, heating, ventilation and sewerage.

Energy solutions
Brdr. Stjerne is VE approved and offers energy solutions such as ground heating, air/water and air/air heat pumps. Brdr. Stjerne supplies and services wood pellet stoves from Vølund.

Service inspection
Brdr. Stjerne is KMO certified and performs the statutory service on geothermal systems and air/water heat pumps. In addition, Brdr. Star service on air/air heat pumps as well as oil boilers and wood pellet boilers.

Heating system/district heating
Brdr. Stjerne carries out district heating connections to all the island's heating plants, including installation, replacement and servicing of district heating. Brdr. Stjerne has the expertise when it comes to heating systems, central heating, underfloor heating and heat management.

Brdr. Stjerne carries out everything within the installation and service of ventilation systems - colloquially called genvex systems.

Brdr. Stjerne performs all forging tasks including working with steel plates, stainless steel and aluminium.

Bathroom and plumbing exhibition
Brdr. Stjerne has the expertise in establishing a new bathroom – whether partial replacements are desired or a total solution with a focus on the personal touch.

See current offers at www.vvscomfort.dk or arrange a visit to the showroom in Besser.